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Online Help

What is a Wish List?

The Toys"R"Us Wish List is an exciting tool that allows you to create a list of things you want to receive for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions! You can use your Wish List to keep track of all of the items you want, and/or you can send your Wish List to your friends and family so they can give you exactly what you want! The added benefit of sharing your Wish List is that you save your friends and family the trouble of guessing what you want or sending you a gift you already have, and it saves you time by avoiding having to return something that might not be to your liking.


How do I Create a Wish List?

Creating a Wish List is fast and easy! The best part is that you can create your Wish List 24 hours a day, every day! Once you create a Wish List, it will be available for your friends and family to purchase items from for up to 1 year. Please note that you must be of majority age in the province you reside in to create a Wish List.

As a parent, you designate yourself as the Wish List Creator and create one master account for your home, accessible by a unique email address and password. You may then proceed with creating multiple Wish Lists under this master account, perhaps one Wish List for each of your children, or one for each special event or holiday!

To start creating your Wish List, you need to be on the Wish List home page. From there, click on the "Create a Wish List button" in the box labeled "Create a Wish List". As you go through the creation process, feel free to look in the right hand column of each page for some tips on entering the information.

Step 1- Wish List Creator Information:

  • Fill in the requested information, including all the required fields (*=required fields).
  • Follow the directions provided and proceed through the creation process.
  • The Alternate Name is an additional name (e.g. another parent) that family and friends will be able to use to search for your Wish List. Remember, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for your friends and family to find your list, purchase gifts for you and make your wishes come true!
  • Create a password between 6-10 characters long. It can include letters and numbers and is case sensitive. You will use your password to access and update your Wish Lists so be sure to jot it down in a safe place in case you forget it.

Step 2-Wish List Creator Address Information:

  • Enter the address for the Wish List Creator (this is typically the parent). This information will be used primarily when gift givers are searching for your Wish List.

Step 3- Gift Recipient Information:

  • Complete this section by entering information about who the Wish List is for.
    • Gift Recipient Name: Family and Friends will be able to search for your Wish List by the Gift Recipient's name.
    • Gift Recipient Address: If you would like gifts shipped to a different address enter it here. If you would like to use the Creator's address leave the box checked.
  • If you want to create multiple Wish Lists, you need to complete this step first, and can then add additional Wish Lists later in the process.

Step 4-Wish List Information:

This is where you will enter information relevant to the first Wish List you are creating for your master account:

  • Event Type and Date: Select the event that best describes what the first Wish List is for. The Event Type will help gift givers identify the Wish List and help you manage it among your family's other Wish Lists (in case you have more than one). Once you have selected the description, enter the date of the Wish List event. For example, it can be a holiday date, birthdates, or party date.
  • Public or Private: This allows you to share your Wish List(s) with your friends and family so they can start buying your gifts, for delivery directly to your home or, keep it private, for your own personal use. Please note that Personal information (e.g. street address, phone number, email) will never be viewable by anyone other than you.
  • Additional Wish List Information: This is an opportunity to enter more details about the Wish List or event. This can be a title like "Timmy's 4th Birthday!", and/or details like "Timmy loves Transformers and Power Rangers!"


Can I Have More Than 1 Wish List Under My Account?

Absolutely!!! You can have multiple Wish Lists (perhaps one for each child in your home, or one for each special event or holiday), all linked together under one master account. This is a great feature that gives you the opportunity to organize your gift needs and hopefully make your shopping experience, as well as your friend's and family's, a lot easier!


How do I Add Items to my Wish List?

With so many great items being added to and daily, it easy to understand that you would want the ability to add new items to your Wish List! To do so, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the Wish List homepage.
  • In the box labeled "Update your Wish List" sign in to your account using your email address and password and click on the "SIGN IN" button.
  • Once you access your Wish List, start adding items to your Wish List by clicking on the orange "ADD ITEMS TO THIS WISH LIST" button (if your Wish List is empty) or the orange "LOOK FOR MORE ITEMS" button (if you already have items in your Wish List).
  • Then comes the hard part - choosing which, from the thousands of items in our site, to add to your Wish List. Just click on the "ADD TO MY WISH LIST" link next to whichever item you want to add to your Wish List.